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イコ - ICO 
 Castle in the Mist

This project is a tribute to the original game ICO, released for the Playstation 2 in 2001.


I played around these memories, frozen in this indestructible thing with few porous holes that memory is.

A sweet poetic journey with an ethereal background form.

I discovered this piece of art when i was a teenager through the Alif Tree’s video clip ANAPODA and then the game itself . 

It resonated with me instantly and allowed me to discover a sumptuous universe that even today, 20 years later, is still deeply anchored in my soul.



About the synopsis of the game: 

Ico is a young boy born with horns. convinced of a curse, the villagers call upon the services of faceless knights. 

After a long journey, these knights lock him up alive among a large number of sarcophagi in an abandoned fortress. 

He escapes his fate and meets Yorda, a strange young girl. The two protagonists, although they don’t speak the same language, help each other to escape from the castle, Ico watching over the frail Yorda, whom hordes of chimeras are trying to prevent from escaping.


Special thanks to Fumito Ueda and team Ico.

ico_emperador_pierre_art director
ico_emperador_pierre_art director