– It’s all right.

You have the right to be lost. 
In this vast ocean that the universe is, some stars shine, others fade away, and so goes life, this undulating flow of emotions and memories.

– Is it these emotions, these memories that at night respond to my cries?

– Everything is fine, it’s a symphony. 
The symphony of thousands passing stars, filling you with their memories. 
Sometimes sad, like a sailor who has lost the lure of the sea and finds himself alone facing the abyss of his sorrow.
Sometimes joyful, like the sweet memory of the first sunshine ray caressing your naked skin. 
Open your heart, let yourself go and listen to the melody of their life.
Draped in an ocean of colours, this whisper tells a story, a unique story to each one of us if we listen carefully. 

-I’m cold and also a little afraid…

– It’s all right, listen to this inner warmth, tame it, let it invade you and in your footsteps will be born constellations, rich and colourful universes where your desires and dreams will blossom. 
After all, perhaps the Novas are also mourning the distant memory of their friend the sun, trying to call him one last time. 
Unless their outburst was just a simple hiccup.